Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Limited (KNNL) has been registered as a wholly owned Government of Karnataka Company as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 with effect from 9th December 1998.

Administration, Planning & Technical Support

The Nigam aims at reviewing the planning and design aspects and monitoring the progress of the work and tracking field periodically by involving dedicated professional administrators, subject specialist and experienced engineers and other specialists in the field in order to clear bottle necks and ensure time bound progress of work.

Quality Assurance

All projects are required to meet the highest quality standards. The Nigam aims at initiating package contacts to ensure unit wise completion of projects. A comprehensive approach is being followed by integration and synchronisation of all the components of the projects so that the main aim of providing water upto the field level can be achieved and the goal of utilisation of irrigation potential is realised.

A new prospective

The Nigam intends to give more thrust to new areas of development such as participatory irrigation management, encouragement to modern irrigation practices with more duty of water, exploration of new possibility of conjunctive use of water, advocating a holistic approach towards agricultural farming practices for economic security to the farmer and using modern technologies in survey and design of canal systems.

News and Events