MASSCOTE is a step-wise procedure for auditing performance of irrigation management, analyzing and evaluating the different elements of an irrigation system in order to develop a modernization plan. The modernization plan consists of physical, institutional, and managerial innovations to improve water delivery services to all users and cost effectiveness of operation and management. MASSCOTE is founded on a rigorous on site approach of the physical water infrastructure (canals and networks) and introduces service oriented management as a normal practice.


The objectives of the MASSCOTE exercises for VNC and TLBC are:

  1. Develop the irrigation management modernization strategy for VNC and TLBC and thereby incorporate the recommendations of canal improvements and management in the feasibility studies; and
  2. Build the internal capacity of KNNL/WRD engineers to conduct similar exercises in other projects.
  3. Benchmarking of VNC & TLBC for comparison with other projects and to know the improvements after modernization.

Major Activities

The major activities to be carried out during the training sessions are: A MASSCOTE exercise of Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal (TLBC) with command area of 2,44,000 ha And Vijayanagara Channels (command area of 11,000 ha) including capacity building of WRD engineers (2 weeks); Finalization of assessment of all MASSCOTE elements of the two projects by local team under the supervision of MASSCOTE expert A Workshop to validate the Vision and Strategy for Irrigation Management Modernization in Tungabhadra Project; and Output of this exercise including recommendations to be included in the Feasibility Report of Tranche 2 investments.

Duration and Venue of the Training Workshop

The training will be conducted from 22 August to 03 September 2016 at the Kannada University, HAMPI Campus, Hospet.

Faculty & Resource Persons

  1. Dr.Daniel Renault,An International Expert
  2. Mr. M.G. Shivakumar, Superintendent Engineer, KNNL, Bangalore
  3. Dr. P.S. Rao, Director (Technical), ACIWRM, Bangalore
  4. Mr. K.G. Mahesh, Superintending Engineer, KBJNL
  5. FAO trained Six (6) KNNL engineers from Government of Karnataka

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