Acts, Rules and Policies Related to WUCS, Irrigation and CAD engineering works

To facilitate the Water Users Cooperative Societies (WUCS), irrigation engineers, SMEC Consultants, and other stakeholders, an attempt is made here to compile the relevant Acts, Rules, government orders and policy statements related to WUCS, Irrigation and CAD engineering works for easy reference. These are classified by subject as listed here.

As and when any new legislation on these subjects is passed, the same will be added to the list.

  1. Acts & Rules-related to Societies

    At the time of formation of WUCS, the members have to follow Karnataka Societies Registration Act, Cooperative Societies Act, and related rules.  Under this category, there are two ‘Acts’ and one ‘Rules’.

  2. Acts & Rules Related to Land (Central/National and Karnataka State)

    Farmers owning agriculture land in the command areas of irrigation projects, as well as the concerned department engineering staff, have to follow land related acts and rules of the central and the state governments. There are five Acts, one Rules, one Policy Statement and Gazette notification.

  3. Acts & Rules related to Water

    For sustainability of equitable distribution of scarce water for irrigation purpose, the farmers and concerned department engineers come under the purview of water and pollution related acts, rules and policy statements of the government. There are three Acts, two Policy Statements, One Rules and Government Order.

  4. Acts & Rules related to Environment

    As a signatory to the UN resolution on ‘Agenda 21’, environmental aspects such as protection from air pollution, water pollution, forest degradation and protection to flora and fauna have to be taken into account when irrigation works like new constructions are taken up. However, in the case of Gondhi Modernization project, majority of the irrigation works are only repairs or upgradation of the already existing irrigation canals/channels. There are two Acts, One Rules and one Policy Statement.

Acts & Rules-Societies related

Acts & Rules Related to Land (Central/National and Karnataka State)

Acts & Rules-Water related

Acts & Rules-Environment related