CAD package works

The ‘CAD package works’ are designed to be implemented directly by the Water Users co-operative Societies (WUCS). There are 10 WUCS in Gondhi Modernization Project with one more identified recently.


  • Pilot Package: The CAD Package of estimates and designs for one WUCS, namely, Kagekodamagge, has been prepared, and resolution adopted by WUCS to the effect that the CAD works are in agreement with their priorities, and that they will be participating in the implementation of the CAD works. The process adopted was:
    • For ensuring acceptance of the WUCS, to begin with, a joint walk was organized during which options were discussed regarding location and number of pipe outlets and structures.
    • For the resolution, PSC organized a meeting in which KNNL and CADA engineers and SMEC were present. CADA engineers explained about the various activities proposed in the DPR, their cost estimates and other relevant details. After asking for some clarifications, and verifying inclusion of their requirements expressed during field visits, the WUCS Directors and members passed a resolution unanimously agreeing to the cost estimates.
    • The PSC has facilitated the entire process of social interaction in all the stages from field survey to resolution.
  • The PSC has also prepared a draft MoU and a Contract Agreement as per CADA guidelines.
  • A public function for the signing of the Contract Agreement between KNNL/CADA and WUCS in the presence of the CADA Chairman, Administrator and the Chief Engineer KNNL is scheduled during the 2nd week of January 2017.
  • Preparation of estimates, and initiation of implementation of 117 CAD works completed 2016 is an important milestone. As against this, 45 CAD works belonging to 5 WUCS are ready, with contracts signing between CADA/KNNL and WUCS. The delay was due to the process for formal involvement of CADA. PSC had pursued the matter, at all levels and the signing was completed.

CAD Package Acceptance Meeting in Kagekodamagge
CAD Package Acceptance Meeting in Tallikatte CAD Package Acceptance Meeting in Nagathibelagalu
CAD Package Acceptance Meeting in Doddagoppenahalli CAD Package Acceptance Meeting in Seegebagi

Progress on other packages

  • A total of 117 packages belonging to 10 WUCS have been prepared, internal approvals and procedures completed and Work Order and Contract signed.
  • The new WUCS, Mudalavittalapura, formed recently, is being mobilized, and expected to be signed shortly.