Safeguard Monitoring

As per the ADB Safeguard Policy 2009, an Initial Environmental Examination was carried out for the Gondi Modernization project. The IEE identified Environmental impacts that could occur during the construction activities. This involves aspects such as clearance of vegetation along the canals to give access to working space for construction activities, safe disposal of excavated material from the existing canals, gravel surfacing of canal roads, concrete lining of canal surfaces, reconstruction of canal structures, and provision of concrete field channels or pipe outlets. Gondi modernization project does not pass through forests and is away from the reserve forests by a safe distance. However the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan in the IEE has been adhered to in the construction phase.

PSC also ensured that action plans prepared by the contractor have been suitably modified to include all aspects of EMMP to comply with the environmental safeguards guidelines. The Environmental Specialist assessed the Contractor’s EMP Implementation. Details of the safeguard measures and the evaluation and monitoring strategy is available as part of the Safeguard Monitoring Reports submitted by the PSC bi-annually.