Vijayanagara Channels Feasibility Study Reports

Vol 2a: Environmental Impact Assessment

Vol 2b: Rapid Biodiversity Assessment

Vol 2c: Tree Survey Report

Vol 2d: Environmental Assessment Review Framework

Volume 3a: Poverty and Social Assessment

Volume 3b: Social Safeguard Due Diligence Report

Volume 3b: SDDR-Annex-2 Sample Stripmap

Volume 3c: Resettlement Framework

Volume 3d: Summary Poverty Reduction and Social Strategy

Volume 4: Economic and Financial Analysis

Project1-PSC Progress Reports

Inception Report March-2016

Annual Progress Report April-2016

Midterm Progress Report February-2017

Quaterly Progress Reports (QPR)

Quaterly Progress Report-Q1Y2

Quaterly Progress Report-Q2Y2

Quaterly Progress Report-Q3Y2

Quaterly Progress Report-Q4Y2

Quaterly Progress Report-Q1Y3

Quaterly Progress Report-Q2Y3

Quaterly Progress Report-Q4Y3

Quaterly Progress Report-Q1Y4

Quaterly Progress Report-Q2Y4

Quaterly Progress Report-Q3Y4

Safeguard Monitoring Reports

Safeguard Monitoring Report Start To September_2016

Safeguard Monitoring Report October_2016-March_2017

Safeguard Monitoring Report April-September-2017

Safeguard Monitoring Report October_2017-March_2018

Gondi Physical and Financial Progress S-Curves

S-Curve Jan-2018

S-Curve Feb-2018

S-Curve Mar-2018

S-Curve Apr-2018

S-Curve May-2018

S-Curve Jun-2018

S-Curve Jul-2018

S-Curve Aug-2018

S-Curve Sep-2018

S-Curve Dec-2017

S-Curve Nov-2017

S-Curve Oct-2017

S-Curve Sep-2017

S-Curve Aug-2017

S-Curve Jul-2017

S-Curve Jun-2017

S-Curve May-2017

S-Curve Apr-2017