Gondi Modernization Works

The Gondi Anicut, located at about 14.50 km downstream of the Bhadra Dam, is built across the Bhadra River near Gondi Village, 11.56 km from Bhadravati Town, Shivamogga district. The Culturable Command Area (CCA) of the Gondi System is about 4,600 ha. The following components are included under Tranche 1 Gondi Modernization:

  1. Improvement of canals including provision of canal lining to suit future water delivery requirements.
  2. Repair/ replacement of all canal structures to support future operational objectives.
  3. Supply and installation of telemetry-based flow measurement at about 20 locations.
  4. Command area development works in 4,600 ha provided with Command Area Development works.
  5. Capacity development of system operations staff and water users to enable them to effectively use the flow measurement system and provide a better water distribution service. 

The Gondi Canal Modernization works began in February 2016 to run through March 2018. Canal lining, construction of structures is in progress; the work is more concentrated during the closure period of the Canal. The Contractor has already established two offices in Bhadravathi and in DB Halli along with quality control laboratories and two Concrete Batching Plants.

The S- Curves provide the physical and financial progress against program based on data procured from KNNL.

Gondi Civil Works Progress Upto May 2017