Capacity Building Training Programmes

As part of the Institutional Strengthening of the WUCS training needs have been assessed and accordingly a number of trainings and field visits have been planned and conducted. More trainings based on the general orientation towards the project and specific thematic trainings are also planned. The training topics are as per the list below

Trainings on WUCS Management

  • 1.1 Orientation programme at village level
  • 1.2 Administration, Bye-laws, Roles & Responsibilities of WUCS
  • 1.3 Accounting, Book Keeping & Social Auditing
  • 1.4 Dovetailing Government Schemes and Social & Gender Development

Thematic Trainings

  • 2.1 Participatory Irrigation Management and IWRM
  • 2.2 Construction Management of Canals for WUCS
  • 2.3 Sustainable Agricultural Practices (Crop Demonstrations, Field Days and IEC)
  • 2.4 Irrigation Water Management
  • 2.5 Environmental Management Aspects of Modernization
  • 2.6 Social Safeguards, Gender Mainstreaming
  • 2.7 Operation and Management of Canals
  • 2.8 Management Transfer of Canals

Promoting Project Level WUCS Federation

  • 3.1 Training for Federation Members on Significance and Role of PIM
  • 3.2 Bye-Laws, Registration and Management of Federation
  • 3.3 Stakeholder identification and Communication through Periodic Meetings & Workshops
  • 3.4 Preparation and Printing of Training Modules

Apart from these a few exposure visits are planned to exchange the learning and experiences of WUCS members with successful WUCS situated within and outside the State.

A number of short videos are planned to document successful WUCS and PIM. A Radio Programme Series involving discussions related to PIM related themes such as Institutional strengthening, Water tax collection, Social Mobilisation, Gender Development, O&M, Environment are also planned and conducted.

All training programs details are updated in PMIS application.